Mine Tanks, Water Tanks, Water Reservoirs, Water Storage Tanks, Water Storage Tank, Potable Water Storage Tank, Demineralised Water Tanks, Condensate Water Tanks, Deionised Water Tanks, Fire Fighting Tanks and Hoses etc.


ACUS can make them all.


ACUS have their own truck and crane to install these large steel liner tanks, or small liner reservoirs.


ACUS make robust, strong water tanks where the liner is fully supported by the steel structure.


Thus ensuring long life of the tank and liner.


ACUS tanks can me dismantled and moved.


ACUS design for your location whether it be coastal and Cyclone reated or inland with a lesser rating. ACUS have a inhouse professional Engineer.


ACUS then get their design 3rd party checked and aproved for design strength.


ACUS reservoirs are designed for local conditions of earthquake and Wind.


ACUS tanks are designers of custom tanks up to 6 million litres and as small as you want to go.


 ACUS check our designs to ensure they are correctly designed for maximum strength and integrity to succeed in and Earthquake or high winds, such as a Hurricane.


ACUS tanks have been through and survived Hurricane Ivan a category 5 Hurricane.


In fact people used our tanks as shelter from the storm and their lives were saved.


ACUS Tanks can be seismic or standard. Seismic are built under the code AS 1170.4: 1993 (Earthquake loads)


Mining water tanks Perth - By Acus


The Acus Firefighter. Tow it behind your mine site work vehicle

acus water tanks
Mine Tanks perth
Mining water tanks
Mining steel water tanks

Mining steel water tanks Perth

Mining Tanks perth

steel water tanks

steel water tank By Acus

mining tanks built by Acus

mining tanks prepared by Acus