Commercial Tanks

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ACUS MANUFACTURE, CONSTRUCT, Project manage, and INSTALL Commercial steel tanks with internal liners.
We export, build for mine sites, and City expansions.Tanks are custom designed and engineered to be the STRONGEST tanks.
ACUS design to code or first principals as YOU the CUSTOMER require.
Sizes up to 6,000,000 litres and custom built to your requirements.
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1 ML Water Corporation tank.
Prison tanks, winery tanks, commercial tanks for industrial use.
ACUS build them. And we build them strong. ACUS have been around a long time and know how to construct a tank for your requirements of space limitation or height limitation.

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Tanks can be constructed with radial trusses or parallel trusses. Depending on the design required and affordability. 

Tanks can be powdercoated and colourbond. OVER the galvanised coating to ensure a long life of the tank without maintenance.

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Our tanks have custom made liners in them. This makes the tank internals maintenance free until a new liner is reqires.

NO painting is required.


Large tanks need foundations where there aree high winds or earthquake conditions. ACUS STEEL tanks can survive fires. ACUS work safely.

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ACUS tanks are ideal in soft ground or foundation situations. The tanks have a liner and are therefor earthquake proof. 

Should you have to empty your tank only and authorised installer can reset the liner. Tanks should have 150mm water minimum to ensure the liner does not move or the pumps do not run dry. 

ACUS tanks are designed for Hurricane and Cyclone conditions if required.

And are certified if required. ACUS tanks have been through Hurricane Ivan with no damage. 

ACUS tanks do not have a steel base so the tanks do not corrode. Tanks can come with optional ANODE protection system for corrosion and / or lightening.