Domestic Tanks Parts List

 domestic tank domestic tank

domestic tank rings domestic tank rings

Domestic tank two rings high
2.25m wall
Number of trusses varies per tank

Domestic tank three rings high
3.3m wall
Number of trusses varies per tank


Design Litres Gallons Diameter Height
ACUS 10 10,468 2,303 2.8m 1.7
ACUS 18 18,600 4,050 3.25m 2.25m
ACUS 20 23,553 5,181 4.2m 1.7m
ACUS 20 24,171 5,217 3.65m 2.31m
ACUS 30 33,132 7,264 4.33m 2.25m
ACUS 50 51,721 11,340 5.41m 2.25m
ACUS 75 74,662 16,320 6.50m 2.25m
ACUS 100 101,534 22,250 7.58m 2,25m
ACUS 130 132,528 29,000 8.66m 2.25m
ACUS 165 167,645 36,757 9.74m 2.25m
ACUS 205 206,884 45,064 10.82m 2.25m
ACUS 250 250,245 54,510 11.90m 2.25m
AC 100/3 148,916 32,758 7.58m 3.3m
AC 130/3 194,374 42,758 8.66m 3.3m
AC 165/3 245,879 54,087 9.74m 3.3m
AC 205/3 303,430 66,747 10.82m 3.3m
AC 250/3 367,026 80,737 11.90m 3.3m
AC 300/3 431,303 94,876 12.9m 3.3m



domestic tank parts tank inlet filter Tank anodes made from zinc magnesium blocks.
These prevent the steel walls corroding, for a limited time.
ACUS prefer tanks to be built on concrete ring beams.
domestic tank


Outlet valves Outlet valves can be brass or Poly.
Brass shown here.
Leaf and stick filter baskets come as standard tank item.
The 20UM (micrometer) filter is preferred as it removes dust from the water entering the tank.
Leaf and stick filter basket


water tank ladder water tank ladder domestic_tanks_parts11.jpg
Shown here is the removable ladder. The hatch.
The inlet filter basket, with the customer installed inlet piping.
Note the blue metal being placed around the tank. This is required by ACUS to prevent the rain scouring the sand pad.
Choose a colour from the range shown here.
These are standard colourbond colours.



The heart of the tank. ACUS use flat walls on their tanks to protect the integrity of the liner. To ensure the liner does not fail by stretching over grooves in the tank wall.

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These are the owners part of the works as these are normally done when the house pad is being made. ACUS can give advice here.

It is important that you have checked with your local shire as to tank size required and whether a building permit is required.

It is the customers responsibility to complete this part of the works.
ACUS engineers can assist with drawings and advice at an extra cost.
The first tank of water the customer provides and ACUS set the liner.

There are other parts such as scours and camlocks and bolt covers etc. Please see the parts list push here  for a list of tank parts.