Design of Water Saving System


Design ideas to save water at home office or industry. ACUS do not think a 1000 litre water tank in enough for your home, mine, or industrial complex. Let ACUS engineer design a way for you to save water.
ACUS engineers can design a water system for you including pumps, controllers, reticulation, and water tanks to assist you in reducing water usage from the water Corporation.
Thus saving you money and entitling you to rebates on your system.
The tank shown is ACUS latest city living tank. Large, tall and slim.
It is in this case filled from a bore hole.
The water is used to reticulate the garden, fill the pool, and after the filtration system is installed will be used for drinking water.



Water tank 3.4m tall with bore hole in background providing 28000 litre storage of water.


ACUS workers


Let ACUS provide you with real water storage.