Export Tanks

ACUS have been exporting high quality tanks for over 15 years.We are so strong that they were used as Hurricane shelters in hurricane IVAN .




  •  ACUS construct tanks with a galvabond base coat or a zincalume base coat on top of the steel wall of the tank.


  • ACUS then powder coat (bake on paint) before packing in the export container.


  • The tanks on site then do not need painting.
  • The tanks also have much increased corrosion resistance with a coating of zinc and then paint.
  • Jesse our installation man Is totally safe with handrail and code compliant ladders.



  • ACUS reservoirs are designed for local conditions of earthquake and Wind.


  • ACUS tanks are designers of custom tanks up to 6 million litres and as small as you want to go.


  • ACUS have an in house Professional Engineer and also use a 3rd Party Engineering Consultancy to check our designs to ensure they are correctly designed for maximum strength and integrity to succeed in and Earthquake or high winds, such as a Hurricane.


  • ACUS tanks have been through and survived Hurricane Ivan a category 5 Hurricane.
  • In fact people used our tanks as shelter from the storm and their lives were saved.
  • ACUS Tanks can be seismic or standard.  Seismic are built under the code AS 1170.4: 1993 (Earthquake loads)










  • ACUS  build smaller tanks for both firewater and potable water, or for your designated project.


  • ACUS tanks can come with a Colourbond roof and powder coated walls.
  • ACUS powder coat their tanks on the walls as the steel material used in the walls is too thick and cannot be made from colourbond material.  


  • What ACUS do to improve the tank design for maximum use and life is to use a galvabond or zincalume material on the walls which in itself is designed to resist corrosion.
  • Then over the top of the galvanizing or zincalume ACUS place paint in your colour choice and it is baked on at high temperature (powder coated) thus giving the tanks an extended long life.


  • ACUS also use anode protection of the steel walls of the tank to prevent corrosion of the steel tank wall.
  • Conditions apply on all purchases.




Benefits that ACUS Tanks provide are:

  • More than 15 years of experience building tanks in Australia and overseas.  Engineers have got a large experience designing and making tanks.
  • Prices very competitive.
  • Tanks have got four anticorrosive systems: the anodes system, the liner that avoid water contact to the metal, the Galvabond or Zincalume material und the coat of Colourbond, and the basement and Ring Beam of concrete that avoid the metal contact the soil moisture.
  • We use the best material and the most advanced technology for long lasting tanks.
  • We manufacture tanks under the client specifications.
  • The liner is the most strong and healthy liner for a secure and healthy water storage.
  • We make tanks to storage potable water, fire water, hot water, oil, chemicals, combustible, and other liquids.
  • Please request for specific design.

Very large tanks for reservoirs for town supply


  • ACUS Construct custom built tanks to your œfootprint size. (If it is physically possible).


  • ACUS have many years of experience and take pride in their work.
  • ACUS always pride in the fact that they have an in house engineer that can quickly design steel additions or modifications to you steel equipment.